Arthur’s Seat

It was prophesised, many years ago, that King Arthur Pendragon would return in the hour of England’s greatest need. Everyone knows that. But what fewer people know is where the son of Uther Pendragon has been resting all this time. Far from the muck and strife of the battlefield at Camlann, Arthur has sat upon his seat, watching from afar and resting in preparation for the day he will be called on once more.

It not clear exactly how long Arthur has been in Australia, nor what his relations with the Boon-wurrung peoples who lived in the area when he arrived were. What is known for sure is that he has been here for more than a thousand years, watching over England and its empire for all this time. It is known that he left, apparently for good, in the years shortly before World War One. There is a reason why Melbourne was the second richest, second largest city in the British Empire for years – and a reason why it no longer holds either of those distinctions. Arthur is now gone, and if he did not return during the Blitz, it can only be assumed that truly horrible times lie in England’s future.

Arthur’s Seat, with its summit reaching to 305 metres above sea level, is one of the highest points in the Melbourne area, allowing the once and future king a fine view of Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula. It is a national park and a tourist attraction, although the particular site of King Arthur’s resting place has never yet been violated by any visitor.

Suburbs near Arthur’s Seat:

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